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Have you ever considered how important it is to be well-informed and know every detail of a car voyage? The Romania map app has been specially conceived for all the drivers who are on the road for a short or a long time, traveling for business or leisure. Using Google Maps, the Romania map app gives complete, as well as the safest information, regarding every aspect of traveling by car, both in-country and outside Romania's borders.

Find touristic objectives on the Romania road map

Our app invites you to discover our country, simply by using the roadmap, every touristic objective being pointed out on the map using easy-to-find special symbols.

The Romania Map, part of the "road distances calculator" project, is an interesting tool that can be used for an advanced search of a certain location, along with showing it on the roadmap, as well as finding out the distance between various localities. By completing the form with the Start position and the Destination, with just one click you can find out the distance between certain cities, the shortest route, traffic information, fuel to be used and how much it would cost.

Plus, discover counties and towns on the interactive map, all of which are shown using Pins. Wherever you wish to arrive, even if you don't know the specific location of a certain place on the roadmap, you just have to type a few characters. An interactive list will appear and from it, you can choose the desired location.

When you decide to leave on a holiday in a certain region, use Romania map and unravel all the touristic landmarks on your itinerary and also in that general area. Explore our country long and wide, directly on the online roadmap, and discover destinations such as Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Timisoara or Constanta. Given the fact that Romania is one of the lucky few countries with all landforms, you can uncover on the Map of Romania, mountain cabins, balneary resorts, or traditional villages out in the plains.

The Romania map app is precise and indicates the exact route to follow until you arrive at your desired destination. Have you attempted an advanced search, wanting to find a castle's location or a specific cave, or perhaps being interested in Moldavian monasteries? Find out the distance in kilometers and also, the quickest way there. You can stray from your planned course at any time, using the Via button. The whole route will recalculate itself, as well as the number of kilometers and the optimal time until arrival.

What additional options does Romania map have?

Leaving somewhere? Get on the road using a safe app with concrete data, which uses Google maps and shows real-time destinations, calculates the distance of your course, as well as interesting details about millions of places. Spend some time on the Romania road Map and get acquainted, before you start your holiday, with the route you're going to be traveling on. Extra you'll find restaurants and various companies, depending on the area that you are at. Plan your visit and find out the precise locations of the restaurant, along with info about their working hours and how to book a reservation. Don't miss on the roadmap the international top shops, museums or cultural centers. If you've already set all the details of your travel and you've found the exact location on the map, there's nothing left to do but wish you a safe trip!

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Distance Calculator

Distance between the main cities of Romania
Distance between Bucuresti - Brasov 184 km
Distance between Bucuresti - Cluj 453 km
Bucuresti - Sighisoara 303 km
Bucuresti - Constanta 227 km
Arad - Timisoara 59 km
Sibiu - Sighisoara 94 km
Bucuresti - Sibiu 280 km
Brasov - Sibiu 145 km
Oradea - Arad 115 km
Romania Map